Friday, April 15, 2011

my little bread rolls

i had such a big response to these rolls, so i thought i had better respond by posting the recipe quick smart for everyone to try.

300 grams water
2 teaspoons yeast
1 teaspoon sea salt
a good slurp of extra virgin olive oil
500 grams strong bakers' flour

extra olive oil
cornmeal for dusting
sprigs of rosemary
extra sea salt

place the water, yeast, salt and oil into the thermomix bowl and set the thermomix to 37 degrees, soft stir for 1 minute.
add the flour and mix to combine - 10 seconds on speed 6.
set the dial to closed lid position and knead for 4 minutes.
tip the dough out onto the thermomat, wrap up and go and have a shower or do the dishes in the sink...or maybe some laundry is your thing...or sit and relax a bit...only 15-20 minutes, mind you. you could always prepare the trays for the rolls if you wanted to...line a couple of trays with baking paper, drizzle with a little oil and sprinkle with some cornmeal.

open up the thermomat and cut the dough into 4 or 5 lengths with the spatula (not the knife, unless you want to cut up your thermomat). position one length of dough on the mat so it is easy to cut, and cut it as if you were slicing a roll into little slices. each of these little lengths of dough will form the little finger length rolls.

place rolls as you make them on the prepared trays. when these are all done, go back to the first tray and drizzle a little oil on each roll, stud it with a little rosemary and sprinkle on a little sea salt.

start up the oven and heat it to 220 degrees celcius. when it's at temperature, it's time to pop the rolls in for 10 minutes or until golden.

that's it. and they are so easy to eat...

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