Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i love sly

sly's my nephew. he's in primary school, and i love him. he's soft and smooth, and a really wonderful person to give a mushy cuddle to. it's even better when he doesn't really want to return the cuddle and i can see it on his face. nothing worse than getting a smooch and cuddle from a smelly old aunt. i don't regard myself as smelly and old, but i'm sure i am in his eyes (and nose). i just gotta get me some of that lavender soap and talcum powder.

a couple of weeks ago, he and his classmates had to tell the teacher something special about themselves...you know, something like i'm sporty, i'm a maths nerd, i'm good at jumping...that type of thing. well sly...did i tell you i love sly? well sly told his teacher he's smooth!!!! and indeed he is. he has the smoothest, softest skin, but when i heard this little morsel of delight, only one thing came to mind - sade's song - smooth operator.

i love sly. he's smooth.

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