Monday, May 2, 2011

dorothy floate's secret of success cookery book

i actually have three copies of the dorothy floate's secret of success cookbook - one for me and one for each miss c and miss k, but have realised i really only need 2 because they will only need one each when i'm dead and gone. i guess the spare will be up for grabs.

that aside, it is an excellent read and dot takes her cooking very seriously, explaining everything so very carefully.

dot was never shy in letting her readers know which of her recipes won prizes, and good on her. and good on her for sharing her tips on achieving the finest results from each recipe. after all, why waste good ingredients with a bad recipe?

i was looking at an article about old or new recipes and decided that i, too, should share one of dot's gems - in fact, her (prize) gem scones, no less. i'm copying her recipe just as she wrote it - i think there's a certain charm about it. ask me if you need help with conversions - can't have anyone wasting good ingredients.

(prize) gem scones

1/2 lb s.r. flour
2 eggs
3 ozs butter
4 level tablespoons castor sugar
9 tablespoons milk

cream butter and sugar, add eggs and beat a litte, then add a little sifted flour and beat well. then a little milk and flour alternatively until all milk and flour has been used. add a few drops of essence of lemon. bake in gem irons. put irons into oven and get them very hot while you are mixing the scones. gem irons should be so hot that when greased the butter will sizzle. it is a good idea to have butter melted and use a glazing brush for greasing irons. have your mixture ready before taking irons out of oven, grease and put about a teaspoon of the mixture into
each iron, bake in moderate oven 10 to 15 mins.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if you will share the Dorothy Floate three books as pdf files? They are so rare and I would like to get a copy of them. Many thanks.

whisks said...

i think it might be illegal for me to scan her whole book, anonymous...besides, you haven't let me any of your details...

Anonymous said...

the (1985 edn) book is out of print now so it is not within copyright ruling. If you allow this and can scan the boook I will gladly provide you with my address or email address. Many thanks. I hope that you will decide on scanning the book. Please

whisks said...

anonymous, you really need to put yourself out of your misery and BUY yourself this book and scan it to your little heart's content. it is available online.

whisks said...

anonymous, i won't be publishing your last comment because it was so rude...and pity you were so rude, i was going to link you to a competition i am holding in which the said book is one of the prizes.
go on...keep hiding behind your gutless anonymity...