Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ok, i give in.

the searing heat and drenching rain we have had lately has been good - at least you know your alive. however, the recent tragedy in victoria was not.

i've found that it's almost impossible to plan one's life too much - a spanner always comes along to muck things up. it's much better to go with the flow.

i really like my children; they're nice people to talk to, as are their friends.

i always expected to have children taller than me. that said, i always accepted that you didn't have any control over their level of intelligence or their looks, but i thought they would be taller than me, at the very least.....

i love children....and i guess, people, in general.

i love feeding children....and people....and animals, in general.

i have a facination with retro food...maybe it's a facination with retro per se. i love having warm food ready to feed my children when they come home from school. i know they and their friends humour me by eating all the daggy things i dish up. none of that nouvelle cuisine nonsense in our house.

i have an ulterior motive when i feed people....it's so that i can cook/prepare more food.

i have trouble with "favourites"; i don't have a favourite child, i don't have a favourite nephew, i won't know what to order for my last meal because i love it all. i am amazed some people can so easily name the people who they will have at their last meal and what they want to eat.

the saddest thing to happen to me was to lose my dad. i miss him very much and think of him all the time. he was really good to talk to and i often still talk to him.

people don't change much, they just reveal more of themselves as they get older. the nice ones stay nice, and the awful ones get worse.

my life isn't perfect, but neither is anyone elses. i'm just content with my lot.

i would like to downsize but if i did, i'd have to get storage for all my bits and pieces (useless to everyone else, but all a part of me....)

i remember alot of things, mostly trivial, but sometimes useful.

i lived in the same street for over 30 years.

i'm actually quite shy.

i love things which have been handed down from mothers to their children, probably because my mother has never handed anything to me; she prefers to give it to other people.

i never understood why some people loved buying crockery so much, but i'm starting to understand why now.

some old things are just beautiful, especially when there are signs of wear and tear. i like to think they are signs of having been useful and loved.

i think it's important for people to do what they really want to do because you never know where it will lead.

i wish i could spoil my children the way my dad spoilt me. this is not to say my children aren't spoilt, but they do hear me say "no" more often than i ever heard it said.

i am a perfectionist in some areas. i will persevere with some things until i get it just the way i want them to be. i am grateful that i am not a perfectionist with everything.

i like to trust my gut feeling on alot of things now, and it's a good feeling.

family is important. some members you bond with well and know you can rely on them.

friends are important. i'm lucky have some very good ones.

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