Friday, February 20, 2009


several years ago, mrs muntz was telling me that they would be going to the snow in july and i simply said, "oh, my poor deprived children have never seen snow, and i don't know when they ever will." she was very kind and invited us along, and we have been grateful ever since because there's nothing like it. we love it.

more recently, i have had the opportunity to make a barbie cake. when my children were little, i was very deprived. they weren't into barbies, so there were no barbie cakes to be made. until now, that is.
barbie cakes are actually quite a good cake to make - not only does the birthday girl get a cake, but a doll at the end of the party, as well.
now, all i need is the opportunity to make some cakes for boys......the wigs? are you reading this? hint, hint?

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