Monday, March 16, 2009

the thrills are alive - singalong sound of music

two saturdays ago, wenty, brrr, gazza and i went to the sound of music singalong....and it was alot of fun. being my first singalong, i wasn't sure about what to expect. wenty was under the impression that it might have been an alternative gay mardi gras thing, since it was on the night of the mardi gras. well, it wasn't. all sorts were there - families, older couples, younger couples and there were some gay guys dressed up as nuns. apparently, there is quite a gay following with the sound of music that i didn't know about (is nothing sacred?). whatever..... what i did find interesting was that there were the 20something year old (straight) guys (or i assume), who were sitting with their girlfriends, singing along. this was an all out dagfest and these otherwise cool dudes were indulging in something ....well....daggy....
anyway, some of the people dress up, children, adults and gays alike, and to get the ball rolling, the hostess invites them all on stage so we can have a look at them and have a chuckle. some are clever costumes - two ladies dressed up as mountains - climb ev'ry mountain.....two girls dressed up as girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes and when asked who they were, broke out into song - they'd obviously come prepared. in case you're wondering, no, i didn't get dressed up, but if i were to go again, i'd probably go as the baroness. i've always love the simplicity of the dress she wore to the ball.
before the movie commences (yes, it is THE movie), the hostess goes through our props bag with us and the the actions and sounds we are to make through the movie. i'm sorry if i make this sound hideous.
in our props bag we find flash cards to flash as we sing how do you solve a problem like maria? there's also a piece of curtain to wave you know when, and a piece of plastic edelwiess to also wave you know when. we boo at the nazis and hiss at the baroness. and when it's time for the captain and maria to kiss, we pop our party poppers....exactly at the moment they kiss....not before, not after.....exactly at that exact moment. needless to say, there were premature poppers and late poppers. and of course, we get an invitation to THE ball.
naturally, there are words on the screen to sing along to the music, but there isn't a bouncing ball to follow.
it was a good night and it's nice to see how well the movie has stood up to the test of time and has brought joy to so many generations and different walks of life.
unfortunately, miss k was out for the weekend and miss c had to study, otherwise they too could have joined in and had themselves a ball as well.

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