Sunday, March 1, 2009

salted eggs

i remember making salted eggs a couple of decades ago (it's so funny that i can talk in decades now....) where i used to dissolve salt in boiling water, wait (very patiently, unlike maggie, who put the eggs in when the water was still warm .....) until the brine was well and truly cold, season it with some rice wine and immerse the eggs and allow them to do their thing for a couple of weeks.
because this was some decades ago, i thought i should refresh my memory and see what people had to say about salting eggs on the net. there were 2 methods. the first was same as what i did all those years ago; the second, involved dipping the eggs in rice wine and coating the eggs with salt and leaving them to do their thing. because i wanted to be different (read: lazy), i thought i would put the eggs in a glass jar, pour in a pile of sea salt to totally bury the eggs and then pour
in bottles of rice wine to fill in the gaps. i felt this was easier than coating the eggs with wine and salt, you see.....
well, i am happily able to report that this method works and the eggs are deliciously ready after three weeks and very fragrant from so much rice wine. i think, to date, this is my preferred method of making salted eggs. i used very fresh, very extra large hens eggs. the yolk is totally delicious mooshed on toast......the whole egg is great for steamed mince pork, one of my very favourite comfort foods.


Sam C said...

Sounds nice. How long would the eggs keep for in the fridge once salted?

whisks said...

if you want to keep them in the fridge, you should put them in a plastic bag so the don't dehydrate. i haven't had them in the fridge for very long because everyone comes over and takes them because they are so delicious.