Wednesday, September 28, 2011


recently, i was asked about which cookbook was my favourite. my all out favourite is probably not the sensible person's choice, but i have a soft spot for the AWW quick mix cakes cookbook. baking a cake was one of those things i had always wanted to do well. whether it had anything to do with my mother not being able to bake, i don't know, but it was important to me. i wanted to be able to bake something for my children. you'd think that knowing how to cook a proper meal would be way ahead on the list, but no, cakes were by far, more important. i know i have my priorities right - i'm right there with marie antoinette when she said "let them eat cake", there's a woman who had her priorities straight! imagine the ball the two of us would have had on baking day!


lilly said...

Will you be posting any recipes from there? I don't have the book, but would love it if you could post some of your favourites.

whisks said...

we'll see how i go - i so often forget to take photos of my food, but i really should start trying to make an effort.