Friday, September 30, 2011

i can't believe all the fibre's there

i know. it doesn't have the same ring to it as i can't believe it's not butter, but that's the incredible thing about juicing in the thermomix. being the fibre sook i am, i was juicing the likes of oranges, pears, berries...nothing too tough, but on a trip to bankstown a couple of months ago, i bought some huge bethonga pineapples and decided to give pineapple juice a go, and boy am i glad i did - it's amazing. to me, bethonga pineapples seem really fibrous, but when juiced up in the thermomix, you'd never know it.

about half a large pinapple, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
a little sugar, to taste (or not)
about 400 grams ice cubes

pop all this into the thermomix bowl and blitz away on speed 10 for a minute or so. pour into a jug.
pour about 500 grams of water into the thermomix bowl and blitz to self clean and add this to the jug of juice, if desired. can you tell i don't like to waste a thing?

you can't tell that there's any fibre in the juice at all - the juice isn't thick, and it's very clean tasting - quite different from the juice from a juice extractor...and all the fibre's still there - isn't that wonderful? you might think there's a lot of water in the juice, but that's not a bad thing - we need to drink more water, and this is a easy way to have it - don't want to overwork our pancreas, do we?

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