Thursday, October 15, 2009

whisks' housekeeping tip #89365

with christmas fast approaching, take advantage of all the help you can get - be like snow white and let your little friends help you. if spiders decide to leave their signature webs on your window sills, use them to decorate your windows for christmas and sprinkle with a little white pretend snow - it will stick, and when you finally decide to clean your windows, the stuff will wipe off effortlessly.

you probably wonder how i come upon my little nuggets of wisdom, well, you only have to thank my very gorgeous friend, lulu, who hails from down near geelong. last night, i sent her an urgent message to go and quickly watch something on telly, which was important to her, and she missed my message...why??? because she was cleaning her windows because guests were coming for dinner. next time, she should tell them she is getting ready for christmas.

for those of you in the northern hemisphere who don't know what i'm yabbering about, i live in sydney, as if you need reminding, and as such, we don't have snow, and our christmas is usually swelteringly hot or unpredictable, but never snow....

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