Thursday, August 13, 2009

convenience foods

i'm always weary of some convenience foods because they taste "funny"..... processed....not they've had something done to them. one food/recipe author once said that the roasted capsicums one could buy in jars were "just as good as" those done at home from scratch. against my better judgement, i bought a jar and there was no way those jarred "pepper" could cut the mustard. i should know better. this author also wrote that she would go around the table when she had dinner parties and collect the bones off her guests plates, bag and freeze them for use in stock at a later stage.....eugh.
after this capsicum episode, i still maintained my faith in human nature and bought a jar of grilled eggplants. these were quite different from all the others i had seen on the market. i carefully read the label. so far, so good. no weird ingredients or preservatives. it was also made in australia - a great big plus there. they looked really good...and so i bought them and can report back that they were really good. no weirdness and a really good addition to salad. i suspect alot of it has to do with it not having citric acid in its composition. at last, grilled eggplant which i don't have to grill myself. so worth it. now i have to hope the people who make it (norton street grocer) don't stop.....i wonder if they make roasted capsicums?

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