Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my first solo thermomix cooking session

i got my thermomix yesterday and as soon it had been put throught the dishwasher, i got cracking. i confess that i show no imagination - i made a risotto. i'm on a learning curve and i have to start somewhere. and because i'm me, i did some things different to what the recipe book said. i used masses of vintage tasty cheese, which i didn't grate and put into the bowl in chunks as the thermomix was going. it coped very well and the cheese melted and distributed itself through the unctiousness, i used wine to make up what i was short of in stock....but the one thing i did differently to the thermomix bible was to use hot stock and fry the onions, garlic and rice in a regular pan. i had the stock bubbling away in the thermomix bowl, and once i thought the aromatics had released their fragrance, and the rice was adequately toasted and coated in an abundance of butter and olive oil, i added them to the thermomix bowl to party with the bubbly stock. also joining the party, was the aforementioned cheese. it was a little clunky and awkward at first, but in next to no time it joined in and was a pretty smooth mingler.
do i like it? yes, but i need to have some time with it. i need to get to know it better - i'm looking forward to a productive working relationship. does that sum it all up?


Thermomixer said...

Congratulations - good luck. Look froward to seeing lots of recipes once you get to know your new best friend.

whisks said...

thanks. my head is just buzzing with ideas and applications....
someone else has just told me that she's getting one, too, so that's really exciting!
so, to date, there's me, my friend, salli, who got one the same day i did, and now julie. isn't that wonderful? both salli and julie are fabulous with food, so they should be the ones you should be watching!