Sunday, October 5, 2008

eating cookie dough

ohno heard i made chocolate chip cookies with wiggy yesterday and asked if he could have some....that was yesterday...this is today. told him i'd whip up a batch for him - his own batch.....if he could drive over (he hasn't got a driver's licence, yet), and if miss c and miss k were home (which they weren't). so i did the next best thing and offered him the recipe so he could make his own. this lead onto the discussion about cookie dough and the finished product.
ohno had posed this question, "do you ever find when you're baking that the dough tastes better than the finished product?"
now, for all my love of cooking, baking and food in general, i don't ever taste my cake batter or my cookie dough. never. ever. i always wait until the product has reached its final destination and is in all its glory, ready to be consumed because it is complete. part of this is because i don't like the taste of raw flour. then there is the hygeine aspect. if ever i have to taste, say, a soup or casserole for seasoning (which is rare), i use a separate spoon for each taste - i'm not one of those people who can taste with the spoon they are cooking with, then stick it back in the pot. each to their own, but there are tons of enzymes in saliva, and once it hits the food, it starts to decompose - the process of digestion commences the split second your food enters your mouth. i prefer to start the digestion process of my food when i put it in my mouth. but i think the reason why i don't taste as i go is because very often, i can look at a recipe and know whether it's going to work out. i know that about one teaspoon of salt is about enough for one kilo of meat, and unless i really go to town with really pungent spices, seasonings are about right. with baked good, everything needed should already be in the recipe, so there isn't a need to taste test. and i always scrape my bowls and spoons and beaters really clean, so there isn't anything much to lick off.
that's my story, and i'm sticking to it and it has nothing to do with me having phobias about raw food (i eat sashimi, for heaven's sake) and it hasn't got anything with me being scared about finding out how delicious raw cookie dough is and eating it all before i even get it on the baking tray.... like i said, that's my story, and i'm sticking to it.

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