Wednesday, October 22, 2008

does this ever happen to you?

around this time last year, miss c went on a camp and came home less one thong (or flip flop, for those who think a thong is an undergarment).

more recently, miss k came home with one broken thong. being someone who keeps things for spare parts (aka i can't throw away anything which may remotely be useful one day), i told her not to worry - we still have the thong miss c didn't lose and maybe we can use it to make up a useable pair of thongs (since they are the same brand, colour and size).

unfortunately, fate was teasing us. we have TWO left sided thongs. and you know that if we throw them both away, we'll need left sided thongs.

does this ever happen to you?


Coby said...

LOL I tried this for a while with my rubber gloves. It didn't work, the same thing happened - all the same side. I know you may think I should just have turned them inside out, but I need the flock-lined ones, so I can't do that trick. I gave up and am rutheless now - throw them out, or better yet try to avoid using them in the first place!

whisks said...

coby, i used to do that with rubber gloves, but i found that if i kept them too long, they would perish and worst still, go gooey and make a real mess. i keep a few spare, but mostly i end up using them for gardening. the worst was when i got two of the same side (two left handed gloves)in the same packet. i'm sure there's someone out there who is my opposite match.