Friday, December 31, 2010

new year's eve 2010

this year, i let karlyn invite her friends. five friends, and of the five, there was a vegetarian, a gluten intolerant, one who didn't eat pork and another who didn't eat junk food...and karlyn didn't tell me what was happening until the day before. they were all invited up to rosie's in newcastle for NYE, and karlyn just went up for 2 days because she wanted to come back to spend NYE with me. she rings to say emma, the girl who drove her up, would drive her down on the 31st and could emma come along...sure... mum, emma doesn't eat pork...that's okay.
next phone call...can alex come, too? sure... btw, mum, alex is vegetarian, you remember, don't you, mum?....that's okay.
next phone call...can rosie and claire come, too? sure, but i thought rosie was the one having the NYE party...yes, mum, but they thought they'd like to come down and see in the new year with us...okay...btw, mum, rosie doesn't eat junk food ...fine, about hijacking parties...
another phone call...mum, lindsay can come now (i didn't know lindsay was at rosie's or that there was any suggestion of her at all)...that's nice....mum, you remember that lindsay is gluten free, don't you?....thanks for reminding me, karlyn, i almost forgot. (lost you yet?)
after all that, it was still fine, but i wouldn't mind just being the invitee for a change. we see the fireworks every year, so maybe missing one year might not be that bad...have to be invited first, though...

happy new year!

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