Thursday, March 25, 2010

to thermomix or not to thermomix

tomi expressed to me that all the recipes i've posted requiring the thermomix don't apply to her...well....yes and no. most of them can be made without a thermomix except for the sous vide cooking. the thermomix just makes things easy - one doesn't have to cook the stock concentrate in a saucepan, then blend it with a food processor or blender and have all the washing up to do. the same applies for making soup...then it comes into its own where sauces and risottos are concerned.

then, there was someone i met whose friend bought one. the friend said she had to use it everyday to justify having purchased it, so is always wondering what to make with it. i simply said i don't do things with that mind set - i was more of a person who thinks about what i want to make and then thinking the thermomix can do it. the thermomix has to fit in with me, and not the other way round....and so far it has.

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ThermomixBlogger Helene said...

I agree! If you just go about your usual cooking and assume the Thermomix will be part of it, then you'll be amazed at how often Thermomix fits in. Just this morning for example, I felt like a fruit smoothie and I thought to myself "... now I could just toss in raw almonds and water instead of milk... " and tah-DAH... an almond milk fruit smoothie... not that I was 'looking' for how to use the Thermomix... but once you get friendly with it, the opportunities just keep presenting themselves don't they?