Wednesday, June 24, 2009

which jane austen heroine are you?

i remember after i read pride and prejudice in high school, i wanted to be elizabeth bennet. i was disagreeable with potential suitors, especially one in particular because i knew all the girls pandered to him. we are friends to this day, and i continue to be disagreeable; i think he enjoys it, because, he too, realises everyone is just too polite to him. i might have fancied myself to be miss lizzy, but i think that is biased - i need someone else to make the analysis, someone impartial.
since i can't make my own analysis, i do the next best thing and analyse miss c. while miss c doesn't matchmake, she does possess many similarities with jane austen's emma and modern emma's cher in clueless. her friends provide the charcters - she has met mr elton, mr frank churchill made a knightley has yet to make himself known. of course we can make assumptions as to his identity, but miss c's mr knightley is as restrained as emma's, and is also miss c's only critic while concealing his affections for her. as for miss c, she prefers fictitious heroes in her life, lest real heroes derail her focus (on what is open to conjecture).
to be continued when mr knightley reveals himself.....

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